The Accessible Road

Traveling alone, traveling as a couple, with friends or with family. Travel "accessible".


Tourist establishments that are part of The Accessible Road have all been certified "accessible" by Kéroul and meet standards for barrier-free design included in Québec's Construction Code. 






Grab bars

Transfer zone


Grab Bar

Transfer Bench

Hand-held shower


Some exceptions apply.


Some establishments may also offer services to persons with a visual or hearing impairment. 

Accessible to persons with a visual impairment


Accessible to persons with a hearing impairment


Welcoming Ways training 

Front-line employees in The Accessible Road establishments have received Welcoming Ways training to properly meet the needs of all guests. In addition to having travelled throughout Québec and in various countries overseas, Kéroul trainers themselves have a functional limitation. Consequently, they are able to raise awareness among employees and managers, as well as demystify the reality of disabled persons with humour. Topics discussed during the sessions include attitudes and behaviours to be adopted so that guests can have an enjoyable stay. 

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